Research Interests

My research interests are focused on two different but complementary fields.

The first field is the conduct of experiments on grid infrastructures. Indeed, those complex platforms are nowadays constituted of several thousands resources interconnected by high speed networks. Obtaining quality experimental results is on those platforms is a feat. Reproducibility of experimental results can only be certain if the status of the platform is known and compatible with the conduct of the experiment. In order to achieve such a state it is necessary to evaluate the status of the platform before each experiment. Archiving experimental and control data is also a tedious and difficult task. In order to simplify the work of the experimenter we developed a framework to conduct experiments automatically in a grid environment. This framework is named Expo.

The second field of interest is the study of high performances computing architectures and especially multi-cores architectures. Those architectures can prove very efficient if they are correctly programmed. In order to achieve those performance level it is necessary to study the interactions between the hardware, the executive support given by the system and the parallelization approach chosen. We thus developed PaSTeL, a library aimed at studying interactions between those components. To demonstrate it’s usefulness we implemented a subset of the C++ Standard Template Library using POSIX threads and a synchronous workstealing strategy. An experimental campaign conducted using those algorithms showed that many parameter impacted their performances. It also allowed us to model the behavior of those algorithms.

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