Corinne Touati

Researcher at the Inria in the LIG laboratory (Grenoble, France)

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[1] N. Abuzainab, S. R. Vinnakota, and C. Touati. Coalition formation game for cooperative cognitive radio using gibbs sampling. Research Report 1409.4331, arXiv, Sept. 2014.bib | http ]
[2] R. Bertin, S. Hunold, A. Legrand, and C. Touati. From Flow Control in Multi-path Networks to Multiple Bag-of-tasks Application Scheduling on Grids. Research Report RR-7745, INRIA, Sept. 2011. [ bib | http | .pdf | Abstract ]
[3] P. Coucheney, C. Touati, and B. Gaujal. A distributed algorithm for fair and efficient user-network association in multi-technology wireless networks. Research Report 6653, INRIA, Sept. 2008. [ bib | http ]
[4] R. Bertin, A. Legrand, and C. Touati. Toward a fully decentralized algorithm for multiple bag-of-tasks application scheduling on grids. Research Report 6537, INRIA, May 2008. [ bib | http ]
[5] A. Legrand and C. Touati. How to measure efficiency? Research Report 6216, INRIA, June 2007. [ bib | http ]
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[7] C. Touati, H. Kameda, and A. Inoie. Fairness in non-convex systems. Technical Report CS-TR-05-4, francaisUniversité de TsukubaUniversity of Tsukuba, Sept. 2005. [ bib | .pdf ]
[8] S. Alouf, E. Altman, J. Galtier, J.-F. Lalande, and C. Touati. Un algorithme d'allocation de bande passante satellitaire. Technical Report RR-5172, INRIA, Apr. 2004. [ bib | .ps | .pdf ]
[9] C. Touati, E. Altman, and J. Galtier. Fair bandwidth allocation between service providers in a geostationary satellite network. Technical Report RR-4421, INRIA, Mar. 2002. [ bib | .pdf ]
[10] C. Touati, E. Altman, and J. Galtier. On fairness in bandwidth allocation. Technical Report RR-4269, INRIA, Sept. 2001. [ bib | .pdf ]