Corinne Touati

Researcher at the Inria in the LIG laboratory (Grenoble, France)

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Selected Publications

[LT07] Arnaud Legrand and Corinne Touati. Non-cooperative scheduling of multiple bag-of-task appplications. In Proceedings of the 25th Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM'07), Alaska, USA, May 2007.bib | .pdf ]
[TAG06] Corinne Touati, Eitan Altman, and Jérôme Galtier. Generalized Nash bargaining solution for bandwidth allocation. Computer Networks, 50(17):3242--3263, December 2006. [ bib | .ps | .pdf | Abstract ]
[IKT06] Atsushi Inoie, Hisao Kameda, and Corinne Touati. A paradox in optimal flow control of M/M/n queues. Computers & Operation Research, 33(2):356--368, 2006. [ bib | .pdf ]
[AAG+05] Sara Alouf, Eitan Altman, Jérôme Galtier, Jean-François Lalande, and Corinne Touati. Combinatorial Optimization in communication Networks, chapter 12 Quasi-Optimal Resource Allocation in Multi-Spot MFTDMA Satellite Networks, pages 325--366. Kluwer Academic Publisher, 2005. [ bib | .pdf ]
[KTG+04] Jean-Marc Kelif, Corinne Touati, Jérôme Galtier, Eitan Altman, and Benoît Fourestié. Procédés et équipements d'allocations de débit de données pour terminaux mobiles de télécommunications. Patent, July 2004. frenchbNuméroNumber 04 291 785.6. [ bib ]