Lectures on Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Systems

Computer Science in IME

University of São Paulo

Coordination : Alfredo Goldman

Information Theory : Some Applications in Computer Science (2012)

  1. Introduction to Entropy and Coding Slides
  2. Modeling and Entropy Slides
  3. Entropy and large scale visualization of parallel/distributed systems Slides

Performance Evaluation : A not so Short Introduction (2011)

  1. Why, Who, When and How ? Slides
  2. Visualization for Performance Debugging of Large-Scale Parallel Applications Slides
  3. Analysis of experimental results and inference Slides
  4. Stochastic Modeling of Computer Systems Slides
  5. Stochastic Modeling of Computer Systems (2) Slides

Experiments in computer science (2009)

  1. From the analysis of experimental results…..
    …..to the design of experiments Slides

All these works have been partially supported by Capes/Cofecub projects, mille mercis à mes collègues