Josu Doncel Vicente

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Contact information:

  • Address:
    Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Operations Research
    University of the Basque Country
    Barrio Sarriena s/n
    48940 Leioa (Spain)

  • Tel : + 34 94 601 78 95

  • Email: josu.doncel (at)

Short bio:

I am assistant professor in the Applied Mathematics, Statistics and OR department of the UPV/EHU. I obtained from the same university an Industrial Engineering degree in 2007, the B.Sc. in Mathematics in 2010 and, in 2011, the MS degree in Applied Maths and Statistics. I received in 2015 the PhD degree from Université de Toulouse. I have held research positions at LAAS-CNRS, INRIA Grenoble and BCAM-Basque Center for Applied Mathematics and teaching positions at ENSIMAG, INSA-Toulouse and IUT-Blagnac.

My research interests are modeling, optimization and performance evaluation of distributed stochastic systems such as telecommunication networks.

To know me better:

  • Basque Country.
    It is the place where I was born and a very special region due to many raisons such as its history, orography and climate.
  • Music.
    Paco de Lucia is for me one of the best guitarrists in the history of music. Gone but not forgotten.
  • Sports.
    I think that keeping fit is important to avoid future problems in some parts of the body such as the back. Besides, practicing sports helps me to stop my profesional acitivities and think carefully. Mens sana in corpore sano.
  • Volunteerism.
    This is a world with a lot of injustice. I believe that there are a lot of options to change this and all the people can contribute to do it.

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