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My research focuses on the development and the use of stochastic models and optimization methods for the design of control algorithms in large-scale systems. I am interested both on theoretical problems (related to optimization and mathematical modeling) and on the application of these methods to practical problems.

In my research, I focus on various applications: communication networks, distributed computing systems, transport systems and energy management. Currently, my main focus concerns the management of electrical storage systems. Specifically, I am interested in centralized and distributed algorithms for the mangement of energy storage systems. These algorithms aim at compensating for the volatility associated with renewable energy.


A complete list of my publication is available here . Most of them are accessible via HAL (if not, please send me an email).

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I was a member of the techical programm commitees of ACM EEnergy 2014, ValueTools 2014, ValueTools 2013 and ValueTools 2012.