Rodrigue CHAKODE

Publications & Awards


- Winner of Grid'5000 Large Scale Deployment Challenge. Reims, April 2011. Entry title: Deploying a Highly-dynamic Virtual Cluster Based on OpenNebula and Xen, with SVMSched.
Book Chapters

- Rodrigue chakode, Jean-Francois Mehaut, Blaise-Omer Yenke. Scheduling On-demand SaaS Services on a Shared Virtual Cluster. In Cloud Computing and Services Science. Pages 359-276. Springer-Verlag, April 2012.
International Conferences

- Rodrigue chakode, Blaise-Omer Yenke, Jean-Francois Mehaut. Resource Management of Virtual Infrastructure for On-demand SaaS Services*. In CLOSER2011: Proceedings of the 1st International conference on Cloud Computing and Service Science. Pages 352-361. Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, May 2011.
- Blaise Omer Yenke, Jean-Francois Mehaut, Jean Michel Nlong II, Rodrigue Chakode. Integrating Deadline-Constrained Checkpointing in a Batch Scheduler for Dynamic Environments. In SE 2010: Annual International Conference on Software Engineering. Pages 156-163. Phuket Beach Resort, Thailand, December 2010.
- Rodrigue Chakode, Jean-François Méhaut, François Charlet. High Performance Computing on Demand: Sharing and Mutualizing Clusters. In AINA'10: Proceedings of the 24th IEEE International Conference on Avanced Information Networking and Applications. Pages 126-133. Perth, Australia, April 2010. Promoted in Minalogic newletters, Feb. 2010
National Conferences

- Rodrigue chakode, Blaise-Omer Yenke. Utilisation des machines virtuelles comme support de services de calcul à la demande*. Dans Renpar'20: les actes des Rencontres francophones du Parallélisme édition 2011. Saint-Malo, France, Mai 2011.
Web Publications

- Rodrigue chakode. SVMSched: A Tool to Enable On-demand SaaS and PaaS on Top of OpenNebula. OpenNebula Blog, June 2011.