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Who is

Dr. Rodrigue Chakode holds a Ph.D in computer science from Grenoble University. During his Ph.D (between 2008 and 2012), he worked for INRIA within the Mescal Team, a joint research unit with LIG Laboratory, CNRS and Grenoble University. Advised by the Profesor Jean-François Mehaut and the Profesor Maurice Tchuente, Rodrigue's Ph.D researches were related to high-performance computing and on-demand cloud computing. Rodrigue is now a Research Engineer for SysFera SA.
As you can see in his profile, he also has an extensive experience in various other domains in computer science such as IT monitoring and data backup. He spends a part of his idle time in contributing in open source projects.

Latest News
July, 2012 - Cloud Computing Reviewer for PACKT Publishing.
June, 2011 - SVMSched is now referenced by the OpenNebula project. More
April, 2011 - Awards : Winner of the 2011's Edition of the Grid'5000 Large Scale Challenge. More

PhD Research Keywords
  • On-demand High Performane Computing
  • Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Resource Management and Job Scheduling
  • Architecture of distributed virtual infrastructures
  • On-demand-based orchestration of virtual machines
  • Profiling, Performance evaluation, Dimensioning and Prediction
There is a list of some projects where I'm/was involved in, whatsoever during my working time or my idle times. Most of them are open source projects.
  • RealOpInsight
    RealOpInsight also named NGRT4N is an advanced dashboard management engine for common open source monitoring systems such as - but not limited to - Nagios®, Zabbix®, Icinga®, GroundWork®, Centreon®, Shinken® and op5 Monitor®. The Solution brings Novel Concepts along with a Powerful Technology that allow operators to be effective in challenging operating environments such as Network Operations Centers (NOC) and large data centers.

  • SVMSched (Smart Virtual Machine Scheduler).
    SVMSched is a virtual machine orchestrator enabling to set up on-demand SaaS and PaaS clouds.

  • CILOE (Calcul Intensif pour les Logiciels de CAO Electroniques et embarqués).
    The Ciloe aims at enabling research and development around cloud computing and high-perforance computing for small and medium businesses. The project is funded by the Minalogic global business cluster which fosters research and innovation for intelligent miniaturized products and solutions for industry.