Regular papers

"A User Mode Real-time Component Scheduler for Service Robots on Windows NT Operating Systems," Heejune Ahn, Hyukjun Oh

"On-chip Victim Cache for Shared Bus-based Chip Multiprocessors," Seokbin Kang, Jong Wook Kwak, Seong Tae Jhang

"HW/SW Architecture of a Portable Embedded Device for Reliable TFT LCD/OLED Panel Inspection," Seung-Jin Moon, Hong-Kyu Kim, Pan-Su Kim

"OSOK: One Shot One Kill Selection for The Linux Out of Memory Killer," Joongjin Kook, Dohyun Park, Minwoo Jang, Jiman Hong

"Angular Decoding Scheme for Linear Combination Collusion Attack Robustness in Digital Fingerprinting," Jae Min Seol, Hyun Seong Sung, Seong Whan Kim

"A Research on System Development for 3D Effect Expression Based on Characteristics of 2D Cultural Heritage Image by Adaptive Edge Detection Algorithm," Doyeong Jeong, Junghyun Lee, Kicheon Hong

Last update: 17 Feb. 2010