Athens, Acropolis - Winter 2007/2008, Pedro Velho

Research Projects

2008-today, Martin Quinson

The USS-SimGrid project aims at Ultra Scalable Simulations with SimGrid. This tool is leader in the simulation of HPC settings, and the main goal of this project is to allow its use in the simulation of desktop grids and peer-to-peer settings. More information is available on the webpage

I'm currently involved upon the improvement and proposition of models available inside SimGrid. My current work in this project include network models validation and improvements for CPU model when using availability traces.

CAPES Ph.D. Grant
2006-today, Brazilian government

CAPES is a Brazilian institution responsible to redirect and evaluate government investments in research. The aim of the abroad Ph.D. grant is to complete the set of Ph.D programs available in Brazil. Furnishing an alternative to students of valuable performance that want to proceed to a remarkable university outside the country. More information is available on the webpage

I'm currently full sponsored with a CAPES Ph.D. grant.

GMAP* - Parallel Applications Modeling Group
2003 - 2006, PUCRS - Brazil

The main goal of the Parallel Application Modeling Group is to investigate high performance solutions for problems and applications of other branch of knowledge (Biology, Geology, Physics, Medicine, etc). Elaborating high performance solutions for real problems requires the expertise in different levels. Not only an analysis of the algorithm complexity of the problem to be parallelized, but it is needed also to know development environments and testing programs, parallel programming techniques, performance evaluation and high performance architectures. In this context, we intend to contribute with the creation of a knowledge which is compatible with the state of the art in high performance solutions for real applications. Recently, the members of GMAP have been maintaining good productions in conferences and international publications. Furthermore, the financing for projects and scholarships are obtained from government institutions (CAPES, CNPq, FINEP, etc) and private institutions (HP). GMAP maintains scientific collaborations with Brazilian research institutions (USP, UFCG) and international institutions (INPG - France, Karlsruhe University - Germany) groups. The project is directed by Prof. Dr. Luiz Gustavo Leão Fernandes . More information is available on the project webpage

I did my master sponsored by the GMAP team. During that time the project was called CAP and was mainly financed by HP Brazil. My main research activities was: development of parallel applications using MPI and performance evaluation of parallel applications.

GAPH* - Hardware Design Support Group
2002 - 2003, PUCRS - Brazil

The Hardware Design Support Group has as general objective the research and development of methods and tools for the design, implementation and validation of computational systems. To do so, it also works with a strong emphasis on the implementation of practical computational systems and digital systems. Besides publications this site makes available (or will make available soon) most software and hardware developed in the context of the lifetime of the Group. Visit our download Section to acquire information about this. To view general data about the Group, it is also possible to take a look at the CNPq Brazilian Research Groups Database description of the GAPH in the following link. It contains information (in Portuguese) about the member composition of the group, its associated research subjects and cooperation issues. More information is available on the project webpage

I worked at GAPH as an engineering assistant. My main activity was the development in VHDL of a SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) controller. I also helped on the integration of Java and SystemC to the Co-Simulation tool.

* The acronyms are in Portuguese.

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